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Environmental Policy

At Technical Event Managers we have always aimed to minimise our impact on the environment  throughout our business and home we:                
  • Minimise printing, where available received correspondence, magazines, books etc electronically and use recycled paper products.        
  • Minimise energy usage with energy efficient lighting and appliances that where possible are switched off at the wall when not in use. We participate in our local Electricity suppliers "Clean Green Energy Program"                        
  • Minimise water usage, we have 5 rain water tanks and the business and home are serviced solely by these  (toilets, showers, gardens, drinking - everything) needless to say that all water using appliances are very water efficient.
  • We recycle and choose products with minimal package and or recyclable packaging. We use green/reusable bags when shopping.
  • All organic waste is composted and then used in gardens.
  • A steam cleaner and natural cleaning products ( white vinegar, bicarb soda, eucalyptus oil ) are used to minimise water usage and protect our water ways, not to mention our health.
  • Minimise travel; combine trips and car pool using the most efficient vehicle for the job.
  • Where possible we use suppliers that are environmentally aware, actively reducing & offsetting their carbon emissions.
  • Buy carbon offsets when flying.
  • Good building design that is well suited to the local climate means that energy usage for heating and cooling is kept to a minimum, and is only required for approximately 2 months of the year, the height of summer and winter
  • We are in the process of doing an energy and carbon audit of our business to identify where we can further reduce our environmental impacts. In the short term we have installed a solar hot water system and begun changing over our office and home lighting to high efficiency LED lighting. Long term plans include solar power, a composting toilet and the purchase of a hybrid vehicle.
  • We will determine to the best of our ability the carbon footprint of our part of each conference and plant native trees on our 26 acre property to offset the carbon emissions at no cost to the client.
  • We have recently purchased a fleet of unicycles and are still running test to determine if these are an efficient way of travelling, so far we have discovered that they are a heap of fun and further fun I mean to say testing is required.

Pictures are of Lilly and Kermit just a few of our resident green tree frogs
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